Amanda teaches weekly classes in Woodstock, NY, and can be booked for workshops and performances in the Hudson Valley/Catskills and beyond!

See below for options and offerings or send her a message with your special request.

Intro to Belly Dance

1 – 2 hours

Always wanted to try belly dance? Great! Because this workshop is designed with the ultimate beginner in mind, so you have no excuse!

Amanda introduces the artform with a brief overview and cultural context-  then we get moving! We’ll be learning to properly align our bodies and isolate muscles responsible for creating the characteristic movements of the dance, working up to a combo (or “mini choreography”) that we’ll use to practice everything we learned.

Belly Dance Arms & Poses

1.5 hour minimum

Arms! What are those even?

Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on our hips and core, that our arms become an afterthought. Movements look so much more polished with a great frame, and dancers need to know how to look great and communicate with their audience effectively while standing still, just as much as they do while in motion.

Amanda makes it easy by breaking down the components of her framework for arms and posing, giving you the tools to create countless unique permutations of your movements and poses on the fly without the guesswork.

Hearing MENAT Music

1.5 hour minimum

Dance is a visual expression of music. To deepen our range of expression (and to be able to communicate with live musicians) we must first deepen our understanding of music!

Many of us in the West only started listening to MENAT (Middle Eastern North African Turkic) music when we started dancing, with much still left unfamiliar to us even years into our dance journey. Amanda brings her decades of experience as a musician to the studio for this workshop to teach you tactics for identifying music by region, the “who’s who” of instruments and how to recognize them, how to look for cues in live music, and exercises to help your body find (and dance appropriately with) the sounds it craves to move to!

Belly dance is a hit at parties, restaurants, festivals, live music events (we’re great at keeping the crowd engaged between sets), and community celebrations (kids especially love us!).

Amanda is available to perform at events in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Her belly dance shows feature a mixture of regional music (Arabic, Turkish, North African, etc.), classical props, zills, and always include audience participation to get your guests up and dancing!

A standard set is 15-25 minutes, and can be personalized with music and props to your preference (such as veil, zills, cane, sword, or fans) to fit the atmosphere of your event/venue, and set the desired mood.

Amanda can also add a mini-lesson for your guests, or teach a workshop combined with a mini-show. Perfect for girls’ nights, bridal/baby showers, and parties.

Inquire for pricing and availability.