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Guest Instructor Pop-Up w/Donna Barrett

April 25, 2019 – 6:45-8PM @ Mountainview Studio, Woodstock

Guest Instructor Pop-Up w/Donna!

Join us for a very special pop-up belly dance class with Donna Barrett on the topic of: “Making the Most of What You Already Know: Improvisation”

Donna brings to class her decades of knowledge and experience in belly dance and folkloric dances, as a visual artist, and as a drummer. She has an amazing knack for creating an environment in which dancers can step beyond technique vocabulary, and unlock the skills necessary to express oneself as an artist. She is a compassionate teacher and encourages every student to learn and express themselves as an individual.

This is a beginner-friendly mixed-level class, as instruction will focus on improvisation exercises that can be used with any amount of belly dance vocabulary.

If you’re an existing student, you can use your class card credit for this class. Drop-ins for $15 are also welcome! I encourage all dancers to take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience a class with Donna in Woodstock!